Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fabrics are my favorite!

Saturday, I got two packages in the mail. I knew what they were, as I had been stalking our mailbox all week. It was fabric. It is wonderful. I sometimes have to put myself on restriction from buying fabric... and I think it's safe to say that I've reached my quota for the month. :)
Sometimes I buy fabric from the store (although in Valdosta the only place to buy fabric is at Hobby Lobby), but for the most part I buy fabric from I love Etsy more than imaginable. I love being able to network with other crafters. I love being able to shop from my couch. I love the fact that I can pay for it with Paypal. Hahahaha. Etsy will get its own post soon, but I thought I'd share my favorite fabric shops on Etsy.

Fabric Shoppe
Spiceberry Cottage
Sew and Sew Fabrics

Truly, I love fabric. I love being able to take a yard of fabric and turn it into something special. :) I am so lucky that a sewing machine came into my life. Hahaha.

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